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Enterprise Portal Solution


Seamless Information Management with KOM7 Portal Solution

Enterprise Portals simplifies the work processes in an enterprise by providing a single web-enabled platform for all applications and services. KOM7's Portal Solution does just this and more by web-enabling all the applications in your enterprise and improving the user-interface and moving all systems to a single common platform.

KOM7's Portal Solution will benefit your company with features like open, enterprise-wide Web-enabled environment for people to interact with applications and find information.

Our Portal Solution framework relies on the "Web-based Portal" to manage Web applications and integrating systems, managing knowledge, supporting collaboration and enhancing security across the enterprise.

It will add a new dimension to your company's Web-based infrastructure across different platforms for different applications.

KOM7's Portal Solution will use the following technologies:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft Content Management Server
  • Plum tree Corporate Portal
  • KOM7 Portal Solution made on Microsoft Technologies

Benefits of KOM7 Portal Solution:

  • iViews - these portal applications push content to users according to their roles and help to address key issues in each user's job.
  • Security - single sign-on and Internet security technologies are used for trusted authentication and safe communication between users and various resources
  • Rapid implementation - business packages save implementation time and administration effort.
  • Help Desk efficiency - single sign-on means that users no longer need to remember a multitude of passwords and ID names. This enhances user friendliness and reduces the chances of users forgetting their ID tokens, contacting the Help Desk for new log-in data.
  • Mobility support - users can access information at any time, anywhere, from any appliance.
  • Lower Costs: With cost-effectiveness in developing and maintaining intranets, extranets and web-enabled applications.

  • Higher ROI: With the web-enabling of legacy applications, it leads to a higher ROI across the Enterprise.

  • Enterprise Productivity: All the Enterprise entities work on a common platform and this leads to increase in enterprise productivity and revenues.

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