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Industry Challenges

Demographic, social, and cultural changes are putting more pressure than ever before on healthcare providers to be accessible, affordable, and responsive. As a result, healthcare organizations rely on technology more than ever to help achieve their business and clinical objectives.

Key healthcare organization objectives include:
• Better quality of care
• Improved patient outcomes
• Increased productivity and workflow efficiency
• Better information at the point of care
• Improved and integrated communications
• Privacy and protection of patient information

The healthcare environment is one that calls for integration. Today, most hospital networks run, on average, more than 300 applications. Patient information is scattered across disparate systems in public and private healthcare entities, which makes it difficult and costly for healthcare professionals to share vital medical, clinical, and patient information.

The KOM7 Vision

Healthcare needs to move toward a new vision—one that seamlessly connects all parts of the healthcare world to networked resources of data, information, knowledge, and processes in order to reduce costs, increase the access to care, and improve the quality of that care. That vision is Connected Health. Connected Health creates collaborative relationships among all healthcare stakeholders to deliver safe, affordable, accessible health services. KOM7 enables a Connected Health community through interoperable processes, technology, and people to provide critical health information at any time from any location..

Healthcare Organizations Transform Themselves Healthcare professionals are increasingly looking to application, data and networking solutions to ease the tangle of systems and devices in healthcare. The KOM7 Medical-application is an intelligent application that connects all of the stakeholders in the healthcare environment to a single information and communications infrastructure and delivers vital healthcare resources—anywhere, anytime, to any device.

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