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Hosted field service applications

OptiMate Desktop version runs on windows XP, windows vista desktops, notebooks and netbook computers. To use desk top version of OptiMate, you need to download the client software. OptiMate client software connects to the centrally hosted server using internet. OptiMate client and OptiMate server can also be installed in your premises running on a single computer or on separate computers in your local area network.

OptiMate features include the following:

Features include access to centrally managed data regarding

  • Clients
  • Contracts , legal documents
  • Equipments servicing such as white goods,lifts and medical equipments
  • Work schedules , Photos related to work orders and work order completion
  • and others

Key benefits

  • OptiMate uses wizard based user interface- a controlled and guided user interface is suitable for call center personnel.
  • OptiMate requires only low network band width, and therefore it is suitable for mobile users with notebooks and net book computers.
  • OptiMate can optionally encrypt sensitive data fields and store them protected. The sensitive data is stored encrypted in the database, it is sent over the wire encrypted. The private keys are known only to the user and the keys are never stored in the local machines or sent over the wire. Typical usage for this feature is storing social security numbers, health related data and confidential customers and contract data. It stores confidential documents encrypted in the database.
  • OptiMate can work with local database and can be synchronized with the central server for invoicing data, work status, documents and contracts. Typically useful for customers who have poor network connections on the field.
  • Events and voice messages can be pushed to the mobile work force and can be viewed locally.

Who benefits

If your organization can be classified under any one of these categories or is similar to one of them, then OptiMate will definitely be immensely useful for you.

Product - OptiMate
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